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Cesar D. Verastegui

A Self-thought Web Designer + Developer based in San Francisco, CA



Enrich Your Academics

A redesign website for an academic writing coach.

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El Dorado Development

A multi-page website for an international business based in Colombia.

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I hired Cesar to design a website for my new project, and he was able to deliver a great product within our timeframe and budget. He was a pleasure to work with, was responsive to all of our needs, and is very knowledgeable and creative. I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again!

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Kara Dewhurst, Ph. D.
El Dorado Development
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His biggest strength was taking the time to ask questions, listen intently, and help me craft a website in my vision. He is very patient and took the time to learn about what is important to me and my business. He follows an iterative process where he made multiple drafts of my website until we honed in and made it in the vision I wanted.

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Alex M. Blum, Ph. D.
Enrich Your Academics


Web Development

> Javascript

Web Design

> I used Adobe XD or Figma to create a high fidelity mockup design files.

Technologies I Use

> Webflow
> Shopify (e-commerce store)
> Custom Code (custom solutions)
> Wordpress


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Web Design

Design your website from idea to a high fidelity mockup.

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Web Development

From mockup to build a responsive website that works from mobile to different desktop monitor sizes.

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Web Redesign

Changing and updating the content, structure, format and feeling of your website.


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I’m 33 year old self-taught front end developer from San Francisco, CA.

A little bit about me: I love Peruvian food, play soccer and do skateboarding around the streets of San Francisco city. I considered myself a learner and I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my coding and design skills. My focus is to design and build websites for medium to big businesses that not only looks good but convert visitors to new clients for your business. I would like to get the opportunity to help you design and build your online business presence. As well as, look for custom solutions that will improve your online business presence.

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